Beautiful Young Lady Dies During B.reast Enlargement Surgery in Kenya (Photo

Beautiful Young Lady Dies During B.reast Enlargement Surgery in Kenya (Photo

A family in Nairobi is in mourning following the death of a woman after a botched B.reast augmentation surgery in Karen. Juliet Wanza Mulupi died of sepsis, an infection that takes effect when the body’s immune system releases chemicals into the bloodstream to fight an infection.
The procedure was carried out by an unidentified surgeon in his office last week, reports the Star.


According to Nairobiwire Wanza was discharged after a seemingly uncomplicated surgery but developed severe abdominal pain that worsened.

Medics discovered that her intestines had been cut or punctured in the first surgery, apparently during a fat transfer augmentation. Her blood pressure was dangerously low.

“Because her intestines were cut, all the waste was seeping out and spreading inside the stomach. That caused an infection called sepsis. Doctors battled to save her life on Friday but she died from the infection,” a family member told the Star on Monday.
Prof Stanley Khainga, who led a team of doctors as they frantically attended to Wanza said the patient had also developed gas gangrene, likely from the incisions made during the surgery.

“It was gas gangrene which is an infection of soft tissues from bacteria on the skin. I was just called in to control that. When gas gangrene gets under the skin, it K-ills blood supply and eats the fat and whatever remains. If you don’t remove the D€ad skin then it spreads all over and you can’t control it,” he said.

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